Liquid Staking 2.0

Hedge against inflation with stablecoin-backed investments in agricultural commodities.

What is AHAN

Empower Small Farmers, Earn Competitive Returns:

  • Daily Staking Rewards: Earn rewards every day by staking your stablecoins on Ahan’s platform. This compounds over time, potentially increasing your overall earnings.
  • Up to 12% APY: This translates to a competitive annual percentage yield (APY) of up to 12%. These returns are backed by real-world assets: non-perishable agricultural commodities.
  • Supporting Sustainable Agriculture: Ahan directly buys from 70% of the world’s unbanked smallholder farmers, promoting financial inclusion and bolstering their livelihoods.
  • Be part of the solution: Join us in creating a positive social impact for over 500 million smallholder farmers globally.

Ready to make a difference?

Our Rural Ambassador Program

Be part of our exciting community to educate smallholder farmers on the usage of technology to increase their yield and revenues.

You shall earn AHN DAO tokens for the time you spend in our Ambassador program