Liquid Staking 2.0

Hedge against inflation with stablecoin-backed investments in agricultural commodities.

Realize returns up to 12% APY through tokenization of #RWAs!

What is AHAN?

Ahan is a Liquid Staking Platform that lets you earn returns by staking stablecoins, like USDT/USDC/EUROe, against real-world assets such as non-perishable crops like spices.

These crops are purchased directly from smallholder farmers, giving them a fair price and fostering sustainable agriculture.


Daily Staking Rewards

Earn rewards every day by staking your stablecoins on Ahan’s platform. This compounds over time, potentially increasing your overall earnings.

Earn up to 12% APY
Earn a competitive annual percentage yield (APY) of up to 12%. These returns are backed by real-world assets: non-perishable agricultural commodities.
Support Sustainable Agriculture
Ahan directly buys from 70% of the world’s unbanked smallholder farmers, promoting financial inclusion and bolstering their livelihoods.

Tokensale Stages (raising up to USD 152M)

Apr 2024
Private Pre-Sale of 40M AHN DAO tokens ( up to USD 2 Million)
Aug 2024
Token-Sale of 80M AHN DAO tokens (up to USD 40 Million)
Dec 2024
Listing on Major Exchanges
Jun 2024
Pre-Sale of 50M AHN DAO tokens (up to USD 10 Million)
Oct 2024
Public Sale of 100M AHN DAO Tokens (up to USD 100M)

Token Structure

Reserved with Ahan Foundation
Investor pool
Founders and Team
Custodian Pool


Sep 2023
Validated #Ahan model at various business schools
April 2024
Launch TestNet
Oct 2024
Achieve 10M GMV
Nov 2025
Achieve 100M GMV
Dec 2023
Model validated and Grant secured
July 2024
Launch MainNet on Concordium
Dec 2024
Launch Liquidity Pools on Multiple Chains

Soft-cap Budget Allocation of USDT 152M

  • 92.11% (140M USDT) Reserve in a Cold Wallet

    As a Liquid Staking Solution, we have to back each USDT raised with 1.4 USDT

  • 2.63% (4M USDT) Technology Build

  • 3.95% (6M USDT) Marketing, sales, merchant acquisition & partnerships

  • 1.32% (2M USDT) Legal and Administration

Our Rural Ambassador Program

Be part of our exciting community to educate smallholder farmers on the usage of technology to increase their yield and revenues.

You shall earn AHN DAO tokens for the time you spend in our Ambassador program

The Team behind AHAN

Ahan is brought to you by Kratos Innovation Labs, Singapore. Established in 2016, we are a pioneer in solving customer pain points in both Trade Finance and Food Supply Chain domains. With extensive research, we have connected the dots in the Food Supply Chain to bring #Ahan.